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Pre-Event Workshops

American Canoe Association - Advanced Communications Workshop

June 25 4:30-7:30pm and all day June 26-27, 2024 

Please note date change. We moved the start date back 1 day).

Are you ready to experiment and expand your paddlesport outreach and teaching skills?  The Advanced Communications Workshop (ACW) focuses on methods to address the needs of individuals with speech & language impairments, hearing impairments or deafness, and visual impairments or blindness.  This hands on course is designed for (but not limited to) ACA Certified Instructors.  It provides a basic understanding of disabilities along with a toolbox of techniques for skill acquisition and risk management.  Upon successful completion, current ACA Instructors will earn the ACW Endorsement.  Please review ACW Endorsement Criteria and Essential Eligibility Criteria (EEC) prior to registering.  For non-Instructors interested in the content, please contact the IT prior to registering.  Let's paddle and play together!  

Instructor Trainer Contact: Nancy Uschold

$275 Register

American Canoe Association Essentials of Kayak Touring Instructor Certification Workshop & Update (Level 2)

June 25-27, 2024

This workshop is for paddlers who want to certify to teach in calm coastal and river conditions. This workshop will be the last 3 day certification offered this year. (Next year the ACA will require 4 days, which will increase cost to $500.)

The instructor update portion will be June 25-26, with the option to join the last day of the certification workshop, or the symposium 'coaches day'. This is a fantastic bonus!

Read more about the course curriculum.  If unsure regarding eligibility please Contact Us prior to registering.

Certification - $375 Register

Update - $275 Register

American Canoe Association - Rolling Instructor Endorsement

June 26, 2024 9am to 5pm

The ACA Kayak Rolling Instructor Endorsement is for current Level 2 or 3 Coastal Kayaking or Whitewater Kayaking Instructors to learn how to teach rolling, and enables instructors to be insured while teaching ACA rolling classes. This course focuses on teaching, and so candidates should already be proficient in rolling from at least one side of their kayak. Contact Us with questions.

$125 Register (1 spot left)

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